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Choosing the Right Managed Service Provider

Almost every business today experiences growing pains associated with IT infrastructure and service costs. The truth is that most small and medium sized businesses simply don’t have the budget or focus to fully manage IT and data solutions. Using a managed service provider (MSP) to manage these parts of their business can be a cost-effective…

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San Diego Microsoft Partner

The Advantages of Having a Microsoft Partner of Record

Why Your Managed Service Provider Should Be a Microsoft Partner of Record When you purchase Microsoft Online Services like Azure and Office 365, you can select a certified Microsoft Partner to be connected to your account – in Microsoft terminology this is called a Partner of Record (POR). A POR is a part of a…

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AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Cloud Services Comparison: AWS vs Azure vs Google

Choosing the right public cloud service provider (CSP) has become a complex decision. Three players have emerged as the leaders of the cloud computing market share: Google Cloud vs AWS vs Azure, with respective market shares of 12%, 62% and 20%. Which CSP offers the best Service-to-Service capability?

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Office 365 Business Changes

Notable Office 365 Business Changes for This Year

If you are an Office 365 business subscriber, some of the changes rolled out by Microsoft this year may affect business operations. New product updates and features are constantly being rolled out, impacting users, support and your environment. Stay on top of Office 365 business changes in your organization with these 2019 updates.

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Directory as a service

Leveraging the Cloud with Directory-as-a-Service

Directory-as-a-Service is an emerging user, network and system management service that reduces the necessary costs and time by leveraging cloud computing. A cloud-based directory like Azure Active Directory can enhance security, simplify access and push smart policies with centralized managed solutions.

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Azure DevOps

Microsoft Launches New Offering Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps provides tools for software development teams to be able to design, test, & deploy software faster and with higher quality on any platform. Though it may seem like another marketing exercise in rebranding, DevOps expands far beyond  VSTS, with the goal of positioning Microsoft as the leader in the DevOps market. 

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Cloud Technology Trends

The latest technology trends…and what’s to come

As another year comes to close, we’re already looking ahead to what’s in store for us in 2019. The technology trends that we heard so much about in 2018 will largely continue throughout the next year and into 2020, according to multiple forecasters at Forbes, Gartner and elsewhere: subscription offerings “as a service,” security concerns…

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Cloud Security

3 Security Misconceptions Tied to the Cloud

Is public cloud really secure? With so many benefits, why are there companies who still have not taken advantage of the cloud? There are many misconceptions surrounding public cloud, most of them stem from the idea there is an increased security risk for your data and you are more susceptible to security breaches. It’s unclear…

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What is My Cloud Strategy

What is Your Cloud Strategy?

No two companies are exactly the same, and when it comes to cloud, no single solution fits all business models. Companies must have a strategy and plan for brokering cloud services, whether that’s on premises, public or private cloud. Your cloud strategy is primarily about defining your motivations and goals for adopting cloud. Cloud computing…

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Office 365 Business Essentials

What’s Included in Office 365 Business Essentials?

Office 365 Business Essentials is Microsoft’s suite of business productivity tools for small to midsize businesses with 300 or fewer employees. You can pay $5 per user per month if you make a year-long commitment or you can pay $6 per user per month with just a monthly commitment. Each user can install Office 365…

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Office 365 Plans

How to choose an Office 365 plan?

It’s easy to decide whether you’re in the mood for a beer or a glass of wine. Not so much so when deciding what Office 365 plan will work best for you. In this post, we’ll compare Office 365 plans (there are seven of them that we’ll cover) so you can see which best fits…

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Hyperscale Cloud

Optimizing Your Hyperscale Cloud Matters. Here’s Why.

Hyperscale technology looks at data, resources, and service delivery differently. In the hyperscale cloud, the network, compute, and storage software are uncoupled from the hardware. Its primary characteristics are what attracts those who massive amounts of data capacity and need it immediately. The hyperscale cloud is based on rapidity to build, rapidity to deploy, and…

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Office 365 Benefits

Top 7 Office 365 Benefits to Make Your Life Easier

Although Office 365 has been around for less than a decade, its steady updates and upgrades have made it one of the leading software and email services on the market. Businesses around the world are quickly discovering the Office 365 benefits and flexibility. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Pointivity can help you successfully…

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Why You Need Secure IoT Devices in Your Life

Secure the IoT Devices in Your Life

How IoT devices have become a part of our lives By now you’ve probably heard the phrase Internet of Things (IoT), but you might not fully understand what it means. At its core, IoT is about connecting IoT devices over the internet and allowing them to talk to us, other applications, and each other. IoT…

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Cyber Security Breaches

How To Protect Your Data from Cyber Security Breaches

Better safe than sorry Cyber security breaches are in the news almost daily. It’s more important than ever to guard your data. Your business is likely facing an evolving set of potential threats, from cyber security breaches to downtime from unexpected events such as a fire or flood. You might be asking questions like: Will…

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Cloud Strategy

Do You Have An Effective Cloud Strategy?

Successfully getting to the Cloud requires a clear plan. Many companies today understand the benefits of migrating to the Cloud. Cost, flexibility, access, storage, and security are just a few of the advanatages. However, when it comes to actually making that migration happen, many companies don’t know where to start. Understanding the benefits and migrating…

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