Database Optimization

Performing At Your Best

As the volume and complexity of data continue to increase, organizations require a new approach to their mission-critical capabilities.

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    Pointivity uses the capabilities built into Microsoft SQL Server — including enterprise-grade performance, security, availability, and scalability — to develop the tools organizations need to compete in a dynamic global landscape.

    Having a dedicated SQL person on staff is expensive, experienced database engineers or administrators are hard to find and often times there isn’t enough work available to employ someone full-time. Pointivity employs expert database optimization engineers and can address your database issues as needed or on a monthly basis as a service.

    The maintenance and performance issues we provide include:

    • Analyze performance
    • Eliminate performance bottlenecks
    • SQL monitoring
    • Capacity planning
    • Disaster Recovery
    • High Availability
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Query Analysis
    • Security Auditing

    Put Your Database In The Cloud

    Database-as-a-service (DBaaS) is one of the fastest growing cloud solutions.

    Pointivity will set up, operate and scale databases and take on common database administrative tasks through DBaaS. Common benefits:

    • Workloads are deployed faster, performance and availability increases, and operations become automated, resulting in IT that’s easier to manage and less expensive to operate.
    • Managing databases involves deployment and operational aspects of storage, backup, disaster recovery and technology upgrades. DBaaS is ideal for our clients who would like to eliminate the effort of configuring, maintaining and upgrading their own databases.
    • Administrators can standardize how databases are built and ensure best practices are followed, making controlling the databases simpler.
    • Implementing automation within DBaaS removes the propensity for user errors and saves time. Automation increases the stability of database environments and improves compliance and governance.
    • As part of any DBaaS implementation, being able to monitor and meter each database is very important. Pointivity monitors the database for you which streamlines the administration of each database and the overall environment.

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