Managed Security and Compliance

Pointivity delivers well-designed and trustworthy auditable security solutions.

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    Your Security Is Our Business

    We successfully provide monitoring and scanning services for our clients that not only ensure data is safe but also meets your specific compliance requirements completely managing your security infrastructure. Another thing you don’t have to worry about.

    We seek to understand your objectives and business requirements, then do an assessment of your existing environment to determine the gaps. Based on the results, we implement not only technical security solutions but also share best practices to reduce risk. The end result is a sustainable security program.

    Key Security Services

    Point Monitor: Intrusion Detection

    The Point Monitor solution incorporates signature-based IDS, anomaly detection, and an investigation engine with a team of experienced security professionals that are familiar with your network to yield a proactive threat hunting process.

    • Defence against network threats.
    • Continuous monitoring and monthly reports detailing alerts, threats and any incidents.
    • Includes 24/7 monitoring, dedicated analysts who serve as an extension of your team and hardware maintenance.

    Point Scan: IP Scanning

    The Point Scan solution takes a proactive approach to security by regularly scanning your network and pinpointing areas of concern within your network.

    • It will look at the active IPs and identity systems that need to be patched, among other vulnerabilities.
    • The expert team interprets and clearly explains the results of the scan to advise you about the necessary steps to be taken for constant protection,
    • Mitigate risk and satisfy any recurring scanning needs for audit and security best practices. This can be done as often as your business requires.

    Point Assess: Vulnerability Testing

    New vulnerabilities and exploits are released daily, and ongoing risk mitigation monitoring can be daunting and resource-intensive for your IT staff.

    • Combined traditional scanning with expert analysis to provide an information security and hacker vulnerability assessment.
    • A fully automated and remote operation that emulates a team of “hackers” using unique methodologies and techniques to find security threats, exposed private information, and attack vulnerabilities in any network.
    • The data is subsequently analyzed, and a detailed report is provided that shows how the network could be attacked, what confidential information is exposed, the potential business impact of a hacker incident, and how to fix any security problems.

    Pen Point: Simulated Network Attacks

    Penetration testing is an attack simulation measuring how well you are situated to stand up to malicious internal and external security threats.

    • Your security controls are stress tested to see how well they will hold up against a real attack.
    • Our testing is customized to produce the best overall evaluation to test the strength of your controls.
    • Following the testing phase, we create a custom report that includes detailed remediation strategies which are communicated clearly, allowing you to be proactive with enhancing your controls to protect against any future cracks in security coverage.

    Security and Compliance

    Maintaining Compliance For You and Your Customers

    We take on your compliance and infrastructure concerns by becoming an extension of your team and becoming your application development vendor.

    • We share the responsibility and liability associated with maintaining a compliant environment, and stand by that commitment with a guarantee based on the defined lines of responsibility.
    • Our methodology encompasses everything from design through deployment, and focuses on delivering solutions which are realistically implementable.
    • Our services span the entire computing stack, from connectivity to applications, with stringent physical and logical security controls.

    Start by understanding your business and what regulations (e.g. HIPAA, PCI) must be maintained and managed.

    • We work with you and your application vendors to confirm your compliance requirements are met or exceeded.
    • We prepare you for IT audits and identify gaps prior to your audit.
    • We address these gaps either by taking an agreed upon action or an agreed upon response to the audit.
    • We personally meet with auditors on your behalf to intelligently respond to their questions ensuring you pass the audit.

    Minimize Security and Compliance Risks

    Download IT Risks In-depth Report, provided by our partner Netwrix, to see how companies are protecting against future IT threats.

      Close The Security Gap

      Speak with the Pointivity managed services team about Arctic Wolf Network’s SOC as a Service and see how you can afford 24/7 monitoring of your system log data and network traffic without paying for a SOC.

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