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    Proven Solution Success – Laffer Associates

    Case Study AZURE

    Laffer Associates

    Laffer Associates

    Laffer Associates

    To stay ahead of the curve, Laffer Associates, founded by supply-side economist Arthur Laffer—world famous for the Laffer Curve—turned to Pointivity for a simple and secure Microsoft-based solution to reduce data risk and downtime.

    Issue: As world-class thought leaders in the field of economic research and analysis, Laffer Associates faced high levels of data, increasingly complex IT requirements, and the never-ending demands of growth, regulatory compliance, and taxing application issues. They wanted to focus on protecting their core business and leverage the cloud to create a failsafe for their data, as even a minor outage would be a major setback.

    Solution: Pointivity, who has consulted and managed Laffer Associates for over ten years, implemented Microsoft Azure as a solution to leverage offsite backups and business continuity. Affordable and easily supported by a single managed dashboard. Laffer Associates is now on a secondary platform without the expense of secondary infrastructure.

    Laffer Associates is an economic research and consulting firm. The firm’s clients include institutional asset managers, money managers, pension funds, financial institutions, corporations, endowments, foundations, individuals and others throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Laffer Associates was founded in 1979 and is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Proven Solution Success – Korn Ferry

    Case Study OFFICE 365

    The world’s foremost executive recruiting firm and global talent provider, Korn Ferry, turned to Pointivity to migrate from an on-premise Microsoft Exchange infrastructure to Microsoft Office 365.

    Issue: Korn Ferry prides itself on always looking for new pathways to drive sustainable, profitable growth and realized that having an on-premise Microsoft Exchange infrastructure was holding them back. They wanted to upgrade their Exchange for employees, who work around the globe in many different time zones and determined Office 365 was a good solution. The firm had created its users and assigned licenses but struggled with the migration of 10,500-plus mailboxes.

    Solution: Pointivity broke the project into multiple phases to ensure a seamless transition from onsite Exchange/Outlook to Office 365, with the first phase being Korn Ferry’s Hay Group subsidiary users. The remaining employees were segregated by region and time zone as they were spread across Asia Pacific, South America, North America and Europe. Pointivity’s team coordinated scheduling with Korn Ferry IT and worked around the clock to successfully migrate the mailboxes with little to no disruption for users. Korn Ferry users were pleased with the quick and painless transition.

    Korn Ferry is the pre-eminent global people and organizational advisory firm. The firm is made up of three groups – Executive Search, Hay Group and Futurestep – with one shared vision, and is headquartered in Los Angeles. The firm was founded in 1969 by Lester Korn and Richard Ferry. Gary D. Burnison has served as the CEO since 2007.

    Proven Solution Success – Digicel





    Prominent telco provider, Digicel, looked to Pointivity to find a way to expand its revenue streams and support business offerings across the 30-plus markets it serves in the Caribbean, Central America and Oceania regions.

    Issue: The mobile phone industry has changed dramatically in recent years and Digicel was looking to create new revenue streams for its business. The telco sought a platform build that could provide cloud services for other businesses in addition to its mobile phone consumers. The company’s potential clients were stretched across thousands of miles of vast ocean, creating the obstacle of finding the ideal location for the platform.

    Solution: Pointivity built and continues to support four cloud platforms to guarantee services could be provided across the entire Caribbean region and were setup in Bermuda, Jamaica, Martinique, and Trinidad and Tobago. The platforms built for the company’s business group feature the latest suite of cloud solutions and work with Citrix, Cisco and Microsoft. This setup allows Digicel Business to offer the most advanced integrated cloud solutions portfolio for more than 30 countries in the Caribbean and Central America. With the platform built by Pointivity, SMEs, government agencies and large companies in the region can now operate secure IT environments without the exorbitant cost of building their own infrastructure.

    Digicel is a mobile phone network provider operating in more than 30 markets across the Caribbean, Central America and Oceania regions. The firm was founded in 2001 and is owned by Irish billionaire Denis O’Brien. The company is incorporated in Bermuda, and based in Jamaica.

    Proven Solution Success – The Wilderness Society


    Wilderness Society

    The partnership between The Wilderness Society and Pointivity spans nearly a decade. Recently, the nonprofit organization turned to us for help with upgrading its infrastructure so it could benefit from modern IT technologies.

    Issue: With a membership of roughly 700,000 people, and 14 offices nationwide that are pursuing protection for millions of acres of wilderness, The Wilderness Society has a vast amount of data to store and a desire to stay abreast of technological innovations that benefit its business and financial objectives.

    Solution: Pointivity recommended a private cloud and Azure Backup upgrade to consolidate and replace the existing hardware and virtual server infrastructure. This reduced the overall technology expenditures for the organization. The new private cloud was deployed with the necessary applications installed to create a smooth transition for its end users.

    The Wilderness Society has a presence on Capitol Hill and in communities across the nation. Since 1935, the nonprofit has led the effort to permanently protect nearly 110 million acres of wilderness in 44 states.

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