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Hybrid Server

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    The CloudSmart Hybrid Server is a Windows Server Pre-Bundled with Integrated Core IT Services

    Built for small and midsize businesses that operate or are looking to partially operate in the cloud. The server allows you to deploy, manage and integrate on-premise, private and public clouds while incorporating third party feature rich tools needed to support hybrid users. Perfect for future-growth. Best for Azure and/or Office 365.

    Management benefits include a unified dashboard and flexibility of use to address common business needs such as virtual servers, DaaS, local backup, Azure backup, Office 365, and enhanced file sharing as well as more specialized solutions such as AD auditing, DNS firewall and email backup.

    The server, fully certified by Microsoft and installed by us, is priced affordably in an op-ex model.

    Key Capabilities and Solutions

    The pre-engineered fully managed server is a smart choice for businesses who need these solutions:

    Why the CloudSmart Hybrid Server Over Other Solutions?


    It delivers enterprise-level solutions for businesses of all sizes


    It has the speed, power and reliability of an on-premise server and the accessibility and freedom of a cloud server

    Full Solution Stack

    It includes a full solution stack to address multiple IT needs


    It’s certified by Microsoft


    It’s affordable and easy to deploy

    Microsoft Azure Certified

    Smart Hybrid Server is Azure Certified by Microsoft, offered in base and business editions. Available in tower or rack mount configurations.

    Proven Success – A Case Study

    See how Pointivity’s hybrid server helped a financial company access modern IT solutions and reduce IT expenses. The general manager was so impressed that he recommended the solution for his wife’s dental business.

    Do You Need A Technology Refresh

    We can provide you with a more affordable option for securing data than maintaining on-premises technology by utilizing a hybrid server.

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