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Integrating your legacy on-premises IT with modern cloud resources.

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    “Hybrid Cloud is just as much a strategy as it is an environment”

    Hybrid Cloud

    Modern IT: A Mix of Cloud and On-Premises

    As the pace of change for businesses and technology continue to accelerate, Hybrid IT environments are now becoming the norm for most businesses. Many businesses have already moved to Office 365 or at minimum are backing up data to the cloud. Most clients understand the need to move to the cloud, but are not quite ready or able to move their full environment. There is no one solution for all.

    Today’s IT, or as we call it Modern IT, allows data and applications to reside in multiple locations and yet still deliver a quality experience for the end user. This solution or “strategy” is called Hybrid IT.

    Hybrid Strategy

    At Pointivity, we work with our clients to determine the precise blend of cloud solutions mixed with on-premise infrastructure. Our experienced cloud specialists will work with you to determine whether to utilize a private cloud, public cloud or both.

    We design the architecture, determine resources, and integrate all applications and data. A good first step into a hybrid strategy also includes an affordable offsite cloud backup and disaster recovery solution. We have you covered there too.

    Hybrid Consulting and Services

    New organizations to the cloud may need full hand holding while other organizations, already enjoying the benefits and cost savings of operating in a Hybrid Environment, lack the knowledge to get the best experience. We work with many organizations to assist in the following:

    “As an early cloud hosting provider, we have years of experience in integrating the old with the new.”

    Are You Interested In A Hybrid Cloud With Azure?

    We are Azure specialists who understand the complexities of Azure and building Hybrid Cloud solutions. See how your IT environment can benefit from a Hybrid Cloud with Azure and protect your IT investments.

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