Microsoft System Center

Essential system management for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. Pointivity removes the hurdles and challenges of Microsoft System Center. Take Advantage of System Center Security and Manageability.

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    System Center-as-a-Service (SCaaS) by Pointivity

    SCaaS is delivered on a hyper-converged infrastructure and preloaded with all seven modules (Configuration Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, Orchestrator, End Point Protection, Data Protection Manager, Operations Manager, & Service Manager). Use all seven modules or just use the ones that you want/need; all fully managed on a monthly fee and deployed in just a few days.

    The Six Best Things About SCaaS


    Eliminate Large CAPEX Investments

    No need to invest in hardware and infrastructure maintenance. Installed on Pointivity’s CloudSmart hyper-converged infrastructure, the solution is managed by Pointivity.

    Avoid Large Licensing Costs

    Obtain a System Center license (Standard or Enterprise edition) and variable endpoint licensing in the monthly “pay as you go” licensing model. Leverage existing licenses. When you need to renew your current licensing, switch to the “pay as you go” licensing model.

    The Full SC Suite

    Enjoy the full suite of System Center tools; completely loaded and integrated into the base deployment, at no extra cost. Configuration Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, Orchestrator, Operations Manager, Data Protection Manager and Service Manager.

    Reduction In Installation Costs

    System Center is delivered fully installed by our team of experts, so the time and costs of the installation portion of the project are significantly reduced. Your speed to execution and simplicity with delivering on System Center is increased and the significant costs associated with the traditional deployment model are removed.

    Fully Managed

    The Pointivity team monitors your System Center instance 24/7 and take ownership for all system updates and ensuring that your system is successfully backed up nightly. We also offer optional integration into Microsoft’s Azure Cloud which means your entire System Center deployment can be replicated offsite to provide an additional layer of protection.

    Simplified Deployment

    System Center is delivered fully installed on the CloudSmart hyper-converged infrastructure and ready for configuration to meet your needs. This eliminates the amount of in-house labor, skilled expertise, and complexities involved with a new install of System Center and ensures that it can be delivered quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

    About Microsoft System Center

    The Microsoft System Center platform provides a unified interface and an automated set of administrative tools to deploy software, protect data, monitor health, and enforce compliance across all devices in your organization.

    Realize efficiency gains and cost savings by:

    • Gaining tighter control and visibility over all their Microsoft Windows based or non-Windows based desktops, servers, and mobile assets.
    • Reducing administrative overheads and delivering agile services via automation of systems management tasks and providing employees with self-service features.
    • Consolidating server, client and security management IT infrastructure.

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