why azure cloud

Why Azure Cloud?

Currently, more than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies operate through Azure services. From cost to capabilities, Microsoft Azure is the go-to cloud platform for successful businesses small and large. Let us help you migrate to the Azure Cloud today!

Azure Pricing Calculator

Navigating the Azure Pricing Calculator

Microsoft Azure Cloud flexible infrastructure and payment plans allow organizations to take advantage of the latest cloud products and updates. As well as, earn discounts when adding Azure to existing Microsoft licensing agreements. Get started with Azure pricing calculator to discover how to build your business in cloud and reduce IT costs.

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning

In 2014, Microsoft launched Azure Machine Learning Studio for highly skilled data scientists and developers to be able to create ML models. At the time, it was a big breakthrough but Microsoft still looked to improve services. They decided to work with clients to understand their needs and demands. Today, using an easy drag and drop cloud-based service, data scientists and developers of all skill levels can build on any framework, test outcomes, and deploy Azure ML models in a matter of hours.