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Just like the tasty hybrid Sushi Burrito, the Hybrid Cloud Server by Pointivity gives you the best of both worlds— the accessibility of a dedicated server and the scalability of the public cloud.

Let us introduce you to a server built to deploy and manage on-premise servers, private clouds, and public clouds— all with one server. The Hybrid Cloud Server is the workhorse for your hybrid IT environment. Complete the form and get a $50 gift card for a Sushi Burrito lunch for your team. Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

The Hybrid Cloud Server

Hybrid Cloud Server by Pointivity

Pointivity’s Hybrid Cloud Server is a Windows Server that operates partially in the Cloud with Azure and/or Office 365.

So, what’s the appeal? See why the Hybrid Cloud Server gives you the best of both worlds:

  • Includes an on-site server that can automatically connect to Azure when desired.
  • Combines the speed and power of an on-site server with the accessibility of a Cloud server.
  • Fully certified by Microsoft and installed by us.
  • Priced affordably in an op-ex model.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your old servers or planning a hybrid Cloud environment, contact us to learn about the Hybrid Cloud Server and get a FREE Sushi Burrito lunch on us!

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The Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Servers

Local and Offsite Backup

Cloud Integration with Office 365

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Secure File Sharing

Virtual Access

The Hybrid Cloud Server Case Study:
Westland Financial Services

After utilizing Pointivity’s hybrid server to access modern IT solutions and reduce IT expenses, the vice president and general manager at Westland Financial Services recommended that his wife’s family’s dental practice, Tanaka Dental Corporation, should follow suit.


Westland Financial Services and Tanaka Dental Corporation are relatively small companies who were seeking a technology refresh and a more affordable option for securing data than maintaining on-premises technology. The companies were looking for assistance with the transition, migration, support and consolidation of services and required a solution that would keep sensitive financial and HIPAA data securely and properly backed up.


Pointivity’s hybrid cloud server was the solution for both San Diego-based companies. The hybrid server was deployed at each site to manage onsite and offsite backup (through Azure), integrate with existing Microsoft services and support a single sign-on for Microsoft Office 365.

Since 1974, Westland Financial Services has participated in the emerging financial planning industry. For more than 30 years, Westland Financial Services have identified, designed and implemented products and strategies to assist advisers in the financial planning process.

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