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Office 365 Migration, Made Easy

Migrating to Office 365 is an exciting journey — but it’s not without its challenges. Don’t go at it alone. As San Diego’s most trusted Microsoft Office 365 Partner, Pointivity helps teams transform their business through simplified Microsoft migration services.

5 Easy Steps to Office 365 Migration

Our team of experts will support you during every stage of your Office 365 migration. Here are the steps we’ll walk you through during your move.


Migration Assessment & Readiness

As a certified Microsoft Partner, we’ll kick-start your migration with an assessment of your readiness to move to Office 365.

This assessment will review all affected components of your move, including your messaging systems (such as email), data, and storage and address any risks associated with their move.


Goal Identification

Goal setting is critical to ensuring your Office 365 is configured in a way that best meets your long-term organizational goals.

Whether you want to achieve better collaboration, increased data storage, remote accessibility, or heighten data security, your goals will help us determine the ideal configuration of your Office 365 environment.


Migration Strategy Plan

Next, we’ll work closely with you to devise a strategy plan for your Office 365 migration. This will include selecting the best Office 365 tools to meet your goals (such as Skype or Teams for improved collaboration) as well as identifying major project milestones and critical application move dates.

The migration timeline will vary from organization to organization depending on their goals and timing of company-wide migration feasibility.


Configure Your Office 365 Environment

Now for the fun part, configuration! This is where we’ll bring your goals to life — configuring the tools identified in Step 3 to create the ideal Office 365 environment to meet your company’s needs.


Roll-Out to Staff

Lastly, we’ll support you through the roll-out of your new Office 365 to your staff. As part of this step, we’ll also help develop a clear change management plan to ensure your staff are ready to adopt and thrive within your new Office 365 investment.

Tips To Set Your Migration Up For Success

Like your business, every Office 365 migration is unique and what works for some may not work for you. Below, we share a few tips to help keep your Office 365 migration focused on your needs and ultimately your success.

Stay Focused On Your Business:

Every business will have needs that are very specific to itself but may not be very applicable to you. Resist the urge to get distracted by migration advice from online resources and other businesses. Instead, work with a trusted migration expert who will provide a tailored migration assessment and plan that speaks directly to your needs.

Ensure Your Hybrid Prerequisites Are in Place:

The best laid migration plans will quickly fall short if your hybrid prerequisites aren’t met. A migration expert will look for these prerequisites as part of your initial assessment.

On-Premise Environment

Exchange 2016-Based Hybrid Deployment

Exchange 2013-Based Hybrid Deployment

Exchange 2010-Based Hybrid Deployment

Exchange 2016SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
Exchange 2013SupportedSupportedNot Supported
Exchange 2010SupportedSupportedSupported
Exchange 2007Not SupportedSupportedSupported

Get Clear on Your Goals:

It’s worth repeating that goal-setting is essential to a successful Office 365 migration.

Ensure you invest in ample time to really get these right. This includes meeting with internal stakeholders to identify any possible barriers that will prevent them from successfully on-boarding. You may be surprised to discover department-specific needs that will lead to a big impact on your overall migration goals.

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