Cloud Readiness Assessment

Why Have a Cloud Readiness Assessment?

Pointivity knows how to assess your current IT function and your potential for savings, based upon 20+ years of experience providing IT solutions to thousands of customers. In addition, the in-depth assessment report you will receive will serve as a road map and buy-in tool for all levels and functions of your company. It will support your chances of fast and successful implementation of desired change.

How It Works:

Pointivity will provide a business consultant and cloud engineer to perform an on-site Cloud Readiness Assessment of your company. The Assessment explores three areas which are critical to success in migrating your IT function to the cloud: Technical, Culture, and ROI.

Technical Discovery:

The Pointivity team will assess your current IT operations including relevant characteristics such as number of locations serviced, support for remote and travelling employees, and anticipated growth in demand for support. The team will detail your current IT infrastructure including servers, software, backup, connectivity, security, and assessment requirements. The team tests connectivity at the most granular level to assess performance level, and reviews all applications to assess optimal performance within a hosted (cloud) environment.

Business Culture Readiness:

This area of the Cloud Readiness Assessment determines how ready your company is to move to cloud technology based upon the goals and concerns of key leaders across your company’s landscape. The Pointivity team determines whether key leaders within your company—at various levels and functions—are willing to embrace change; how ready your company is for a shift in function of its IT department; and if your company culture supports employees having “anywhere, anytime, any-device” access to
their full desktop including applications and data.

Anticipated ROI:

Although there are many reasons to consider and adopt cloud technology including increased mobility and opportunity for innovation, cloud technology can achieve expense reductions for your company. Working with the Pointivity team, we determine your current investment in IT, where most of your IT budget is currently allocated, and when you would realize ROI with cloud infrastructure, how much, and in which areas.

Assessment Report and Recommendation:

Based upon the discovery and analysis of the Pointivity team, we will provide a detailed findings report including a recommendation that your company is ready for cloud migration, is not ready for cloud migration, or is ready for a hybrid (partial) cloud migration.

How Much Should I Expect to Save?

Every organization is different of course, but almost all organizations considering cloud migration have the potential to realize a reduction in IT costs of up to 30% and a dramatic reduction or elimination of capital expenditure related to IT.

Why Pointivity?

Pointivity is known for defining and implementing IT solutions that make financial sense for companies. Pointivity approaches cloud migrations with each client individually according to their readiness profile. Pointivity will only recommend hybrid or full migration if they determine your company is set up for success—technically, culturally, and of course, financially.

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